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"As long as the night is, the day always ends up rising!"

No one is unaware of the conditions under which most of our textile purchases are produced (Otherwise Click HERE)The main objective of the merchants is always, “the lowest possible price of returns to generate the most possible margin”! The main victims of these few “big brands” and other predators are human beings.

For more than 15 years, Fair Fashion Vietnam, as a producer, has been fighting from within against this form of “modern” slavery.

You can help us continue the fight!

Not by making a donation!

But by making yourself happy while helping others!

Who are we?

Textile clothing workshops.

A program of the NGO Alliance Anti Trafic aimed at training and socially reintegrating young women victims of sex trafficking or in a precarious situation through its own financing resulting from its commercial activity.

The first social enterprise created in Vietnam in 2004. Recognized and awarded as a model enterprise by the Ministry of Industry and the Vietnamese textile union in 2011.

An advice and a partner for many Vietnamese textile artisans operated by multinationals.

Advice and a partner for people wishing to change, improve or give meaning to their life by creating their brand and their business. (Production, logistics, import-export, legal, etc.).

A partner for entrepreneurs wishing to give life or develop their project.

Since 2004, Fair Fashion Vietnam (FFV) has already participated in the creation or development of more than 150 projects, brands and companies around the world.

Why not you ?

Entreprise sociale

Through its profits, FFV voluntarily trains victims (or at risk of being so). And women in precarious situations in (Haute) couture professions. (Patronage, cutting, making,…). As soon as the minimum qualitative level expected by FFV is reached, they are then hired in the clothing industry. For those who wish, FFV assists them technically, financially, commercially, ... to create their own business on the local market. In the near future FFV aims to found a Haute Couture school in the Mekong Delta. “Fair Fashion Institute”.

Georges Blanchard

Already winner of the trophy for French people living abroad in the Social & Humanitarian category in 2019 for the Asia - Pacific zone by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & France Médias Monde. Georges will also receive him in 2020 at the International level.
Since 1992, he has developed several famous, innovative and effective pilot programs awarded 3 times by the Vietnamese Government Authorities.

NGO Alliance Anti Trafic

Since 2001, in South-East Asia, AAT has effectively combated sexual exploitation in all its forms, involving women and children. To date, more than 8,300 victims have benefited from the program. Nearly 70,000 have been supported. More than 110,000 people have been educated in prevention.
Alliance Anti Trafic operates in Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia).

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