You may have already heard of “ The great reset by Klaus Schwab" de Klaus Schwab, great GURU of the DAVOS World Economic Forum since 1971. One of the multibillionaire sects that have every intention of controlling the world and therefore individuals by the market. As french president Sarkosy said (among others). « Personne ! Je dis bien. Personne ! Ne pourra s’opposer au Nouvel Ordre Mondial.»

COVID is killing the last small artisans and traders on the planet to the delight of these people. For example, soon, when you want to take your family or friends to a restaurant (if you can still afford it). You will have no other choice but to go to Mc Donald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC, Starbucks, Wendy's, Domino's,… There will only be companies. Controlled by World company. Any reckless who tries to set up his small independent restaurant will immediately be harassed by all the “services” of the State (Hygiene, tax, security, etc.). It will be the same in many areas.

We will have to think otherwise or obey!

Think differently!

- Before -

- Now -

It was better to avoid trading with relatives to avoid conflicts. It was much easier to go to one of these temples of consumption today mainly occupied by signs controlled by "WC".

  • " Wow ! It is so nice your jacket! "
  • " Oh yes ! I know ! In addition I had it on sale at less 50% at "Kilafait"! 90 € A great deal! I also fell in love with a hellish “Aki Lamarge” shirt on “Amapomme”. You'll see, she's to die for! ”
  • "Blah, blah, blah, ...)

Shopping. Enough to full discussions with family, friends or others ...

Other times it can also be in more.

  • " Oh ! by the way ! Do you know that Jacques, Colette's husband, lost his job at FE-BZ?
  • "Oh well damn then! It's a very bad news !
  • “Well yes, it will be steep for them… Because of COVID his company had to put in place a“ rescue ”plan. But he may have found a job at “WC”. It's poorly paid but it's better than nothing. ”
  • ”There is also Gérard who lost his restaurant. He is going to return to his parents in Béziers. ”
  • ”Oh, what a bad luck! What will become of him with his 3 children? ”
  • "He says he has a plan with a French NGO in Vietnam which can be useful to everyone…"

Undertaking to at least help those close to them to consume more fairly and with respect has become a necessity. Many people often ask. “But what can we do? “

For starters, maybe we could dress at Jacques?

The discussion could then become this.

" Wow ! It is so nice your jacket! "

  • " Oh yes ! I know ! We created it ourselves with the Jacques collective. It cost me 35 €! ".
  • "35 € for this quality ??? ".
  • “Thuy, the seamstress who made it in Vietnam received 5 € for this work. "
  • "Do you know the seamstress?" How is it possible ?"
  • "You don't know the collective of Jacques, Colette's husband? " 
  • “Yes, I heard that he had set up his shop but the delivery times are quite long. Me at "Amapomme" I receive in less than 24 hours! ".
  • “No, it has nothing to do with a store. Jacques is the intermediary between us and our workshop in Vietnam. Sometimes we decide at the collective level of a design that we like, then we tell Jacques who has it done. Indeed in this case it is a little longer. Otherwise there is also permanently a range available often much cheaper than at "Amapomme" of equal quality. "
  • “I didn't know! "
  • “In addition, we regularly have meetings where we can see and try. There are more than 500 now in the region. This is also where we decide what things we would like to make. For example, for the start of the school year, we had our children's satchels made for 35 €. A schoolbag of this quality costs more than 90 € in the store. Tt's benefits for everyone. "
  • "Hey, Jacques must be making many money with all these customers!"
  • “We are not customers but consumer actors. Just as we know how much the seamstress received for his work, we know how much Jacques receives for his and that's normal! For my part, I prefer that it is Jacques who benefits from it rather than "WC" who also controls "Amapomme!". In addition, on its own, it costs us much less than all these intermediaries, which means that in the end, it even saves us money. "
  • Everyone can win! We, Jacques, Gérard who also created a collective in Béziers, the seamstress but also the beneficiaries of the NGO AAT which can, via the profits of Fair Fashion, finance projects such as the construction of a high fashion school for young people girls said to be at risk of becoming victims of sex trafficking… ”

Everyone except “WC”!

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