Responsible purchasing.

During the last 30 years, globalism and centralization have generated considerable social damage.

Indeed, millions of artisans, SMEs, small traders, etc ... As well as the entire economy and social life resulting from it have been wiped out by a few multinationals. COVID will surely get out the last survivors!

Studies show that a few related holding companies control a volume of business greater than the GDP of the US + China. (more than 34 thousand billion dollars. As a benchmark, the GDP of France is 2.8 thousand billion).

Every day, without knowing it, you consume many of their products or services. For the past ten years, their growth has been dizzying. They are mainly involved in the fields of finance, media and communications, agro-food, energy, chemicals, armaments, high technologies, water, etc. We will call them in this presentation the "World Company" or for more practicality "WC" . « WC ».

In many areas, you already have no other choice but to consume "WC" (IT, telecommunications, energy, ...) But in many areas, and not least, it is still possible to search and find alternatives in order to fight and not to be completely subjugated and crushed by "WC". (Markets, co-op, alternative media, Associations,…).

Today, no one is unaware of the working conditions in which many of the so-called “mass consumption” products are manufactured. The textile sector market is notorious in this area. Very low wages, hellish rates, non-compliance with safety and hygiene measures, child labor, pollution, etc. The list of abuses is very long.

"Fair Fashion Vietnam" has been an alternative in the textile industry since more than fifteen years ago.

Recent history of the textile industry.

Once upon a time, in France, 40 years ago, there was a group called “BOUSSAC”. It employed nearly 20,000 people and was specialized in the field of textile production. This one experiencing financial difficulties was supported by the French state to the tune of 100 million francs / year, or approximately 6,300 francs per year per employee (or 960 € / year or 80 € / month / employee).

But this brave government (Fabius), even less capable of managing a business than a country, saw in St Bernard Arnault the savior of all these poor future unemployed people. We will therefore give him "Boussac" for the symbolic franc plus financial support of nearly 800 million + cancellation of all debts (1 billion) + other various and varied subsidies ... Because St Bernard has promised to save the group and its jobs.

2 years later, he will have resold what was valuable (Peaudouce, Conforama, etc.) sold off what could be. He will only keep the luxury part of the group, in particular “Christian DIOR”.

Two years later, he founded the luxury empire LVMH after having bought “Louis Vuitton” and “Moët Hennessy” with the money intended for Boussac. Symbol of French success which was finally nationalized in Belgium for tax reasons. Bernard Arnault is the 2 nd largest fortune in the world.nd largest fortune in the world.

French textile industry destroyed !!! No one in prison ...

Translate from Article of « libération » « Bernard Arnault, prédateur de grand luxe ».

Optimization & social engineering.

You could say that China sacrificed a generation to become the factory of the world. Merchants flocked there en masse to benefit from this poverty-stricken workforce and optimize their margins. The Chinese people toiled 20 hours a day, 7 days a week for 30 Usd / month. But at the same time he has built thousands of factories. The country was therefore able to develop economically. A middle class has strongly developed there and the wages of workers in 2020 fluctuate officially around 130 - 250 $ per month.

Unbearable for the merchants and WC that a Chinese worker can earn in 1 month what they earn by selling 3 pants (Or a half-blouse for some "Big brands".). They therefore began to migrate their productions to neighboring countries where wages could remain below 30 Usd. They started with Vietnam. Then the minimum wage in Vietnam increased and exceeded 30 Usd around 2010. So, went to Cambodia, Bangladesh, Burma,… These people prefer to move their factories than to pay decently the people who make them rich. The slave Eldorado of nomadic predators is currently Ethiopia. Salaries of 20 € per month!  

In some cases, they also use their power to corrupt governments so that they policely subdue workers who have the audacity to revolt. 70 € compensation per murdered slave. Why deprive yourself?

In a country like Vietnam, 20 years ago almost everyone knew how to sew. Even the men. It was in the school program. Then major brands, especially sports controlled by WC needed hundreds of thousands of hands. No need to teach them at school anymore, they argued. We will teach them at “WC”. Today almost no one can sew. At the factory, they were taught to do something, for example to sew the lining of a sleeve. Then pass it to your neighbor who has learned another gesture, close the sleeve, then move on to another and so on ...

Not only do they train no one, but it is necessary that the workers do not know in order to be able to be forced into labor at will. Like a school of crickets, they destroyed a knowledge that allowed people to be autonomous in this area.

Thanks to them, the sewing professions have become synonymous with the bottom of the social ladder and poverty.

Now they don't do themselves, they buy. They in turn have become “WC” consumers! The circle is complete…

Who is "WC"?

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