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According to Marc Blanchard: As founder and head of development, it is for me to develop this topic developed because the values ​​are my own and are mine.

Learning: Through the system, education, media, lontemps I tried to do whatever it took to be a man considered respectable. "Successful Life", "have a good situation," well raise raising my children, prepare my retirement ... For that I did everything I could even though I did not follow the paths traced. At 16 I left school. A 18 Years military service in the police station where I hoped to make a career but have found that I had no ability to obey orders. Dad already at 18, without a diploma I had to assume the little family that I had created, I therefore launched commercially. First door to door and in the distribution of raw materials for bakery and restaurant (building my first house at age 20), then in supermarkets as Regional Key Account (Bonduelle, Cassegrain). 26 years I held a management position as head of sales (Syrups Berger-Sport). Then Regional Director (Marie Brizard & Roger International) At 37 Sales Manager. One could say, nice career ... Until I find myself in the middle of hacking the company for which I worked. Refusals to sabotage and return to Freemasonry, We parted by mutual agreement (golden parachute).

Development: Following these experiences, I decided that I would never work for a "boss". At first I thought of creating a fair trade company. During this period, no longer Ayent nose to the grindstone, I started to read a lot and do a lot of research. In the aftermath of September 11th, 2001 I started suspecting that there was a testicle in the soup. By dint of searching I began to understand that my life was not mine but that of the matrix, she was programmed, manipulated, organized, sabotaged and that nothing had to do with the circumstances. Social Engenery existed for more than three centuries to enslave the people and they name "NEW WORLD ORDER". This could be a great project if the protagonists were not systematically evil. I also realized that I love France was a territory occupied by Zionist (not to be confused with Jews) with Freemasonry tentacles. The world is at war, inverted, covered in lies, manipulation, betrayal, theft, mass murders, trafficking ... We have a wonderful planet than enough happiness and comfort of all but a handful garbage that do not want you well decided to monopolize and eliminate anyone who does not obey. If you are looking for, you'll understand. To help you, the stamp "New World Order" you will find links providing access to sites and information conferences which, if you wish, you can make your own opinion. Look no further information in the media "main stream". As said Alain Soral, "Nowadays a journalist is a whore or an unemployed person" ...

Awareness: Be aware that you participated in this great charade is traumatic. But as Gandhi said "Be yourself the change you want to see in the world." At my level "I am Fair Fashion" because it is the tool, however modest it, which allowed me to do what I want to see in the world. This is not won but it participates. Gandhi did not invent anything, most religions preach the same thing. He also said "A conscious man is worth than10,000 asleep."

Creation: When creating FF I thought it was going to be easy, the "Fair Trade" is in full essort in the West. I quickly realized that this world was even worse because business is synonymous with charity and lies (95%). Just need a stupid label (extra charge and without reality check) to make it look and feel good to con sumers ... Following this, to remunerate people properly, they had to be better than qualitatively industry. During 2 years FF worked on training and developed mainly on the luxury market (paradoxical) and partners with real convictions.

11 years later, I am proud of this achievement. FF is independent and strong as it is surrounded reliable and respectful partner. This does not happen without difficulty and without disappointments. About 150 companies we helped to create (Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, ...) there are still 43 to us grateful and loyal and productive. They come here when they want, they are at home here because we have a relationship of trust, mutual respect and transparency.

For the 107 others, some failed and screeching halt their activities for various reasons. The other part are successful people (as they were for many unemployed) and when they have reached sufficient volumes to access the slave industry to scrape 20% (1 or 2 € 10 000 pieces that made € 20,000) have turned their backs on us and I turned to the incompatibility of Ethics. Often I find that they then disappear within 2 or 3 years.

For me it does not matter, every year new ones come. I know there will be 70% of waste, but those who remain are solid. FF has never lost a client for reasons of quality, logistics or scam.

So that no ambiguity can take place when my personal financial interests, I volunteer, I do not therefore share dividends. I have no car, mobile phone, ... Money and possession no longer interest me. I lodged and fed to FF, I have the necessary equipment to work (Computer because I'm also the Webmaster), an old motorcycle, this is enough for me! My goal is really to help others to stab the New World Order and slavery in their objective textile.My economy is that FF is simply a model to replicate.

I can not do it alone and that is why I support and will help all those who share these values. Or even help people create FF or another with the same philosophy in countries where exploitation takes place worldwide Bangladesh, Myanmar, ... (currently installed in Laos).

See Section "The world of the textile industry"

The road is still very long.