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Vietnam is the second largest producer of clothing.

Many large established brands in Vietnam. While on the one hand for fairly low cost production.But also qualitative criteria and know-how which unfortunately hardly exist anymore in the West.

Therefore there is a huge choice of fabrics. We often have the same suppliers as the big brands you know but that we can not quote here. They are almost all there.

(Denim) Jean, cotton, linen, silk, chiffon, nylon, microfiber, polyester, Cashemere, wool, poplin, jersey ... We have over 3000 samples Fashion Fair but this is just a sample of what is possible. So just tell us what you want and we search it for you.

To give you some orders of approximate prices for an idea anyway.

  • Cotton 1.3 x 1 m = 4 €
  • Lin 1.2 x 1 m = 4.8 €
  • Polyester 1.2 x 1 m = 2.5 €
  • 70% silk, 30% viscose, 90 cm x 1 m = 4.8 €
  • 100% silk satin 90 cm x 1 m = 7.5 €
  • Very high-end bristles 90 cm x 1 m = € 13
  • Liberty 1.3 x 1 m = 5.4 €.

It is very difficult to establish a catalog because we do have in stock that current tissue. At plain fabrics this is not a problem, many colors are available. If you want a specific color we can do it tinting. It costs € 390. It's a package deal. The price is the same for 1m for 1,000 meters.

Regarding patterned fabrics is more complicated because you have to go very fast. There is such a turn over a reference available can not be the following week (except frequent patterns style stripes).For this reason you send us the style you are looking for. We send you by email what is available is as close as you and if we should buy it right away. Or there is the solution to print by 700 meters. piece by piece or in screen printing. When we still have stock on tissue production we can keep it or send it to you.

If you are coming to Vietnam, we will accompany you at our suppliers. You can then choose yourself.

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