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The production rates are 60 000 VND per hour or € 2.4 at current prices (30 September 2015) of 25000 VND for 1 €.

The price of a garment depends on the number of hours needed to make the + the tissue.

Includes € 2.4.

  • Salaries seamstresses (1.2 €).
  • Administrative salaries, logistics, maintenance, ... (€ 0.9).
  • Social insurance.
  • Leasing of accomodations.
  • Water, electricity, telephone, ...
  • Taxes (10%).
  • Meals + accommodation for certain employees.
  • Son, buttons, closures, ... (except special requests).
  • Labels size, composition, washing instructions.
  • Packaging.
  • Machines (purchase and maintenance)., Equipment, ...
  • Training.
  • ...

Prototypes and bosses are charged 5 times more than the production with a minimum of € 50. In production, the difference is refunded.

Example: If a model production costs 15 € we charge € 75 for the prototyping and patronage. 2. We realize for you and for us (reference). In production, we will refund € 75 - 2 Prototypes cost production is 75-30 = 45 € which will be deducted on the production bill.

Your brand labels can be performed on embroidered satin whatever the size or your motives.Maximum 5 colors. The price varies according to these parameters. For example, a label 5 x 1.5 cm 1 color embroidery costs 120 € 2000 (can not be underneath or it's more expensive).

We also realize the manual or mechanical embroidery. The price varies according to each case.Consult us.

Screen printing and printed. Max 5 colors for screen printing. Unlimited hot-printing. Price according to formats and colors. Consult us.

Bags, flyers, catalogs, business cards, ... Contact us.

For each test print or embroidery (a good draw), the price is 45 €. You will pay more if renewed.

Terms of payment.

50% on order, balance before shipping (FOB).

You can instruct a freight forwarder to check before sending or trust us. We will then send you photos of your production before payment.

Payment for less than 500 € you can perform the Alliance Anti Traffic Headquarters in France by check or wire transfer.

For more details and answer your questions, please contact our research department.

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