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Procedures - Process.

  1. You have received an estimate that suits you.
  2. You order us one or several prototypes to judge of our work and which will also serve base for of any changes. In principle we make of 2 by reference. 1 for you, 1 for us we are making in a Bargain tissues (in general veil of cotton). A this sending we can reach you tissue samples if you wish. For this operation we ask 5 times the reference per production price that will be reimbursed you to production + transport. (See rates). They are payable on order. You can pay them by check or transfer with our NGOs in France.
  3. You do us share of possible amendments to via a meeting by skype with our stylist (translation assurrée in English, French, Italian, Spanish). Or by E email with explanations (photos with comments or modifications explained written by, ...) Or so if you in have the option, simply come meet us in Vietnam.
  4. If modifications we ascend a nouveauprototype for validation your part. For this phase the prototype is invoice price production + transport.
  5. During this period of finalization we define the quantities by references and delivery date order to integrate this production in the schedule of FF (the earliest possible is the better, to example, this is often in September that one prepares spring collections).
  6. Once the validated prototypes, the confection of schedule reserved we ask you a accompte 50% before sourcing (supply) of tissues and accessories (by transfer in Vietnam if more than € 1000). You can if you wish attend the confection of your collection. It is at this period that one can also define the brand labels and possible PLV.
  7. Your order is ready. We send you an or photos of this one and are appealing to the balance of payment FOB (Free On Boat).
  8. Once payment received we ship you the goods by the desired mode of transport. Express 48 hours (very expensive), Express 5 days (TNT, UPS € 12.70 / kg). Normal aircraft (Collissimo 15 days € 9.66 / kg). Bateau 2 months (4.5 € / kg). We carry all the legwork for you to be delivered to your seat. Course these rate indications vary with the amount. The examples given are on a base 30 kg. For these operations, you can also mandate a freight forwarder of your choice (Control, payment, loading, transport, disembarkation, customs clearance, transport).
  9. You just have to sale and consider your next collection.

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