Nouvel Ordre Mondial / New world order

11 years ago when I was taking care of victims of traffic I started to look for the reasons. How the 21st there may be millions of children who disappear? Baby farms we Scrapped in Asia? Sex slaves by the millions every year? Let alone the rest for now.

The answer here is "New World Order" that results from an organized plan by Adam Weishaupt (1748 - 1830) and Rothschild in 1776 that will create "Illuminated of Bavaria " Luciferian sect to standardize the human soul, consumerist and exploitable. In view of our world, we can say that the plan is almost completed. Almost since the purpose is a huge genocide aimed at bringing the population to 500 million. The "elites" and slaves. They also set in stone "Georgia Guidestones". In the U.S.A.

How have they got there? In brutalizing the people! By taking control of the fictitious finance. Media and globalization industry. They have done this mainly by our ignorance. So if you want to understand this part of the site is devoted to it. Millions of people woke up in the world. Thousands of initiatives to combat them have emerged. Fair Fashion is one of them. So that their plan does not go exactly as they want. Just delayed for now. "The truth will make you free" Saint John 8, 31-42.


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