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Fair Fashion Institute

Is a project that matures in me for years.

Why are you saving victims once they have summers victims ???

And yet, if we save average 2% of her across all NGOs in (the world, it is maximum.

No institution wants to fund a project that has not some victims to show to donors in the zoo of misery.

Why do not we save the victims before ???

For the simple reason that to be a victim, They must have suffered the horror!



Fair Fashion Institute



Is a program to save the victims before they are victims.

After 10 years of studies on traffic, conversations with victims, and analyzes the targets of traffickers, I noted that the main reason leading to prostitution and human trafficking, children , the baby's crowing, ... Is debt! Main business of the New World Order that can plunge the whole country into slavery and submission.


Just one year that a family does not do a good harvest, suffers a disaster, a family member is seriously ill,.... They are forced to go to the village moneylender or the province. because poor people do not have access to banks (overdraft, credit). They see themselves inflicted demonic usurious rates which they never manage to repay. Usurers often know where they can send their daughter to pay the next month. See debt if she is really very docile ... Sometimes they are often lured to any well-paid job abroad and their daughter disappeared from circulation. A debt of USD 400 can lead to this kind of situation.


Fair Fashion Institute


Will propose to the victims of debt to pay for them, see a little more for the family gets back afloat at 0% interest as advocated by most religions. In order to get this project to young women really at risk of trafficking, selection will be made with the support of "the Union of Women of Vietnam" represented in all cities and villages of the country and close to the people. (13 million members).

For this, their daughter they had possibly considered sacrfier will integrate the training program sewing Fair Fashion Institute in the Mekong Delta.

She will be housed, fed, bleached, a little pocket money and teaching sewing will be free over a period of 2 years. Transport between home and school each weekend will be supported. (No Production for Fashion Fair during this period as our quality standard is very High. Just to family, friends, orphanages ...) .

After 2 years of training will be hired by Fashion Fair who will pay the 200 Usd per month (minimum wage in Vietnam 90 Usd. Many do not have it) with which she will pay back the money lent to his family to 0% of interest at the pace that suits her.

Once the money lent will be repaid she's free to upgrade to haute couture (cutting and paterning. Minimum 2 years) to Fair Fashion Saigon or stay in the Mekong workshop near the school or to go .

If she chooses to follow her training to be tailor (2-3 years more training). And if she so wishes, Fair Fashion will help her to start a own business near his community by providing free machinery and equipment (A little meadows 2000 Usd) while providing the controls (Subcontracting) the time she make customers in the local market.

We have already tested this cycle several times. This works 100%! With Fair Fashion Institute we can do it for 25 girls a year at first, but why not 50, 100, 1000, ...? Why not others also slaves of multinational country. Replace the marks by the tailor in the area or village does not cost more. This will be of high fashion accessible to all unlike anything these clowns to whom it is not enough that to put their mark to make believe that it is the high end. I guarantee that one does well here, see better and much cheaper. All this without pédodétraqué. The world of high fashion brands and is a completely crazy world who does not hesitate to pay millions of each of them on about the salary of 28,000 Vietnamese workers who produce the brands they wear. I do not mean CEOs and Shareolders. It's even worse...



You can participate


To stop this masquerade clothing (among others) and the stupidity of idiots making consumers do not have much choice.

Completion of this project will require approximately € 280,000 for 3 years of implementation. Then it should be self-financed by Fair Fashion, with the staff that received training.

FF At this day can take its profits with only such investment in the future.

You can't imagine how difficult it is for me a call for contributions. But if I do not do the project has no chance to be born. As co-founder of the anti-trafficking NGO Alliance. Most donors do not finance projects where there is no victims to see. Also I don't want that this project is in the hands of one or two organizations because these people are very unstable. That is why Fair Fashion is a Vietnamese independent company and not an NGO. But the funds for this project will be channeled through the NGOs Alliance Anti Traffic. Fair Fashion Institute will be a school. Not a company.

I would like Fair Fashion Institute is a project of citizens of the world reproducible everywhere for that instead of Globalism (dictatorship and slavery) we live serenely Globalization (trade and respect among peoples).

I have no personal ambition if not it's my dream to accomplish this before my last breath (Masterpiece. Achievement). If the project is spread in other countries by other people sharing the same values, I will help them for free.

Monitoring and control of the proper use of funds will be made through voluntary donors to spend a year in Vietnam and monitor the project. A person will be randomly selected each year from voluntary donors. It will be responsible for drafting a monthly report on the business, financial and developments to inform other donors about evolution..

Several brands we already produce for are willing to join this project so that you will can participate while making you happy in Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA for now.

For more details in terms of budget, objectives, timetable, partners, ... Please see the thumbnails below.

For details of the thumbnails below, please be patient ...