Fair Fashion was founded in 2004 by George and Marc Blanchard also co-founders of French NGOs Alliance Anti Traffic

The objective of this program reaches was that social enterprise can reintegrate victims of exploitation without using donations and external funding.

Fair Fashion Vietnam is an independent company that uses its profits to train and reintegrate these women.Marc Blanchard by his skills and experience (22 years in international trade and former Director of sales in big multinationals) supervises and trains guidance on trade, management, marketing, IT, export ,... as free volunteer (sheltered, fed anyway).

100% of the staff is Vietnamese. Wages are 3 times higher than the legal minimum and is hardly anything about the cost of a garment (see section "Working Conditions").

When they wish FF helps women start businesses in the local market by providing machinery and equipment. The time they arrive to autonomy, FF give her order on the international market (subcontracting).

Since 2007 FF also offers its expertise to small family businesses previously operated by multinationals.Indeed, these companies are not talking about foreign languages, are not familiar with international trade. They diden't have other choice to obey the dictates of Western master. By this action today is more than a hundred people living in dignity.

FF also helps people in the West. More than 150 to date have been able to create their company and their brand worldwide through our support. (See section "Create your brand). Being able to enter the market without having to invest in at least 10 000 pieces is almost impossible. FF do it.

FF in 2011 was recognized as a model company by the Ministry of the industry and the textile union. (NB: A Vietnamese company don't have right to have a foreign name. The price therefore been given to the name of "CONG TY TNHH MTV CDCS IHN Y" which was the name of the company from a legal point of view. and administrative).