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Fair Fashion not only helps women in precarious situation. Since 2004 Fashion Fair attended more than 80 start-ups in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, China, Vietnam, ...

Fair Fashion is able to advise you in all stages of your project. You have two main things to think about. We do understand your style and sell products. Regarding transportation, sourcing, import, customs ... We take care of everything!

We do not impose whose amount mirobolantes that make many projects can not be realized. In general textile industry demand minimums of at least 10,000 pieces.

Our phylosophy is that if you get to charge you, we will evolve with you. Admittedly, doing so is much less profitable. Create a collection of prototypes, materials testing, gradations, details settings, specifications, ... lot of work. It is the same for 10 to 000 as 200 pieces.

More and more people contact us to create their brand and we wish to point out that unless you have a revolutionary product or targeted to a specific customer. Internet sales for conventional clothes or accessories without a parrallel field work does not. Many believe that just put online and wait commands. It is possible but not at first. We must come forward and let word of mouth do its work.

Some examples of what works.

  • The groupings. Groups of persons, associations, works councils, clubs, relationships, ... Unity is strength and can disengage from the dominance of multinationals without paying more.
  • The target specific markets. Indeed some have devoted their efforts in some areas of sport. dance ... and have made their passion their profession.
  • Private sales. Create a network of people making meetings. Your friends will have their own. Some have to turn theirs, and so on ... It is very fashionable as more and more people are aware of the stupidity of our system and do not want to give their money to big brands and large signs multi billionaires who submit us.
  • An existing shop or well placed.
  • The steps. More and more people are returning to the markets.

Services offered.

  • Design Proposal (Many exclusive design).
  • Patronage.
  • Realisation prototypes.
  • Gradation (Sizes depending on the country)
  • Sourcing (raw material supply).
  • Production.
  • Embroidery. Silkscreen.
  • Achievements branded labels (embroidered fabrics).
  • Compostion affixing labels and washing instructions, original standards.
  • Quality Control.
  • Packaging.
  • Expeditions. Certificate of origin.
  • Formalitées Import, Export.
  • Delivery to your registered office.
  • Your catalog printing, flyers, brochures, business cards, bags (plastic, paper or fabric), ...
  • Realization of your website.
  • Business advice, technical, design, quality, ...
  • A personalized available 6 days out of 7 in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese. (free with Skype or e-mail).

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