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Working Conditions - Working Conditions

Salaries: The minimum wage in Vietnam is Vietnam dong 2,150,000 per month (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_minimum_wages_by_country) is approximately € 85 per month.Salaries for Fair Fashion seamstresses are on average € 200 per month + thirteenth month.

Hours: In Vietnam (as in almost all countries affected slavery multinational) seamstresses are paid by the piece. It is not uncommon to see people working 18 hours a day; 7 days 7 to meet. At FF salary is fixed for 44 hours. Any overtime is paid at + 50%. We made this choice so that everyone take the time they need to do a flawless job. This helped also find that each made an effort to be as professional as the oldest and in complete freedom of conscience. They also have the opportunity to "adjust their schedules according to their needs. 20 days of paid leave. The legislation provides for six.

Social coverage: Each employee receives a fully supported by FF health coverage. For pension and unemployment, these contributions were included in their salary facing the precariousness of these non-statutory funds in Vietnam (12%).

Training: Most textile companies do not form. There is a person who knows and will train hundreds of others to make a move. Once it passes the gesture made her neighbor who has learned another gesture and so on ... What makes these people are unable to make one garment. It is organized in this way because if they were trained they could start their own or ask for a raise. Making it the bondsmen people wish and replaceable. FF fight against these practices to keep people in ignorance, so dependency. Each FF dressmaker is able to mount a garment from A to Z. This requires 2-3 years of training during which they hardly work to production. Training in cutting and patronage takes two additional years. Over 100 women that one can call "Tailor" have been trained in FF. Many of them are now employed. A few are in plants as a foreman gestures to show the slaves.

Other: The meals are free. Accommodation is free if needed. If necessary FF ready money 0% interest. If FF childbirth pays a premium equal to four months' salary. In times of hardship (example: serious illness of a family member not covered by assurrances), FF has set up a fund to deal with them.

Moral: Many think that these conditions affects the cost of production. It's true! It costs on about 1 or € 2 on items sold in the West in the 50 € see more. The demonstration will be made in the "World of the textile industry."